Scaffolding accessory

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 scaffolding accessory surfaces can be self -colored,galvanized,gold color halvanized,or hot dipped  galvanized.Mainly suitable fo tube with 42mm and 48mm diameters.The scaffolding accessory,handle nut,and  adjuster prop,which are apply for the frame scaffolding and specification are based on your requirement.If  you are interested  in any of our product,please either visit our website for more information or  alternatively phone,fax or email us directly.
Scaffolding accessory,handle nut,and adjuster prop are mainly export to Finland, Sweden, Norway, Japan and  so on.Not only selling well in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,but also popular in Poland, the Czech Republic,  Slovakia etc.

Caster wheel

Adjuster prop

Snap lock

Cone nut

Single clamp

Beam  Clamp

Double  Clamp

Swivel Clamp

Handle nut

Screw jack

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