Have lighter weight about 1/2 as much as steel wheels.
Fuel economy. Forged aluminum wheels are lighter in weight,which,easily increase accelerating performance and decrease braking energy demand,and correspondingly save fuel.
Can reduce tire wear.Quicker heat dissipation disables aging of brake drum and tyre,increase their longevity and reduce the possibility of tyre burst.
Can reduce the maintenance cost of brake.Forging aluminum wheels are characteristic of quick heat dissipation,so can well protect braking system and parts which are made of materails not quite resistant of high temperature,hence greatly reduce the maintenance cost of brake system.
Higher loading capacity.Compared with steel wheels,forging aluminum wheels have higher loading capacityfive times as much.,thus enable more steady running.
Can expand the engine longevity.Forged aluminum wheels can reduce engine load,and correspondingly reduce breaddown and can ensure better contrability.
Have a higher strength of resistence.When under the same impact of external force,forged aluminum wheels suffer far less damage than steel wheels.