Aluminum wheel assembly manual
For the sake of safty, please use the aluminum wheel in the right way.
Manual reading before assembly. Appropriate keeping for next using.

FIRST: Know well about the wheel, including wheel size, outset, inset, PCD, bolt diameter, number of bolt, hub diameter and so on.
①Rim diameter
②Rim width
⑤Hub diameter
⑦PCD bolt diameter
⑧Number of bolt
⑨Valve hole

SECOND: Preparative working before assembly
1、Confirm  Before assembly, checking strictly of the wheel size, PCD, ET to fit for the vehicle. Make sure that wheel size can match the tyres. Valve must pass the valve hole.
Attention  Please use the same kind of wheels for one vehicle. Don’t mix up different wheels in order to avoid potential damage of the operation safty.
2、Confirm That parts are all ready.
3、Confirm That wheel disc, rim, bolt and valve are cleaned.Wipe off the dust or dirt of the disc attachment, nut interface (sphere), wheel attachment, valve as well as bolt / nut.
Warning Don’t add additional coat on the brake disc attachment, nut interface and wheel attachment. Too much coat would loose or break off the bolt.

THIRD: Valve assemblage
1、Confirm Take apart the   valve cap, and install the valve like figure-1
2、Attention Insert valve stem   in the valve hole and push it through all the until its radius reaches the hole, then slowly push the end of the valve stem sideways so that the radius can go through the valve hole until the face of valve stem sits tightly on valve seat (figure-2 and figure 3)
3、Confirm Put the hexagon nut on the valve seat, then screw it according to the nut direction, like figure 4. Till the nut locks the wheel rim,then use the wrench to screw the nut and cover the valve cap.

FOURTH:Tyre Assembly
1、Confirm Make sure the tyre is proper type before assembling.
2、Danger When assembling the tyre, please make sure assembling the tyre in a correct way and check whether the wheel have been clamped (Reference figure 5).In order to prevent the wheel surface from being injured by nipping or bumping and avoid the the damage of tyre skin, lubricate is needed on the tyre and within the installation slot. Wrong operation might cause accident.
3、Danger Set one side of the tyre on the wheel clamp, hold up the tyre, rotate the tyre at clockwise direction, make one side of the tyre enter into the wheel. When the tyre is going almost one lap, take away the clamp, showing in figure 6. Please be careful when taking away the clamp to protect the wheel surface. Then keep on rotating the tyre until all entered the wheel, and then quit the clip hooks out of the tyre. Wrong operation might cause accident.
4、Attention Please notice that the air pressure point must be checked before going, for the less of the air pressure will result in the decrease of the wallop. That’s the reason why the wheel be damaged.
5、Attention All the wheels balance must be adjusted after the tyres have been fixed on the wheels. The poor balance of wheels is the source of abnormal vibration and abrasion of the outside part of tyre.

FIFTH:The assembly bolts
1、Attention Choose a suitable bolt, bolt can not be too long
2、Confirm Lubricate bolt/nut. Spray a thin layer of oil in the bolt/nut screw department and head contact surface. See Picture7
Warning Lubrication with molybdenum disulfide or grease is not forbidden.
3、ConfirmBolt assembly,Single bolt assembly as shown in figure 8.Make sure unable screw thread of bolt don’t touch screw thread of bolt holes.
4、Attention Tightening of lug nuts must be performed in a diagonal sequence in two to three steps using a torque wrench with proper torque applied. Figure 9 shows a fastening process applicable to an 8 –stud wheel(JIS standard). Figure 10 shows the diagonal fastening process applicable to 5-stud, 6-stud and other types of wheels. The specific torque will have meet the specifications as stated in the users’ manuals that come with the vehicles on which these wheels are installed. In case an impact wrench is used in the fastening process, attention must be paid to proper air pressure adjustment and fastening time in order to avoid over fastening, and the final step should be performed using a torque wrench to finish up fastening.
5、Confirm After a period of time initial runing, the tight strength will drop. Please fasten the wheel lug nut tight once again after installing the wheel and driving 50~100km.
6、Attention Please clean the rubbish and eyewinker on wheel hub surface after the car installs. Due to the gasket and bolt's tightness is insufficient,and that nut and bolt is flaccid and breaked. So check wheel hub's installment once again.

 SIXTH:Usage while vehicle running
1、Warning  Any abnormal situation happenning while vehicle running, park the vehicle in a safe place immediately and check the tire, the looseness of bolts, the deformation of wheels and etc. Search existing and potential danger to make sure the driving safty.
2、Attention  Please pay great attention when drivng on the bumpy road. For the stones and friction between wheels and stones would cause the wheel deformation and cracking.

SEVENTH:Maintenance and ordinary checking
1、Attention Please use the soft cloth to clean wheels after using the washing machine.
2、Confirm  Carefully scrubbing Wheel of dirt , dust and order to keep the wheel nice. Brushes, detergent is not allowed while wheels are cleaning. Never putting wheels in high-damage areas, such as non-protection sunlight, rain, oils, high temperature and humidity. Please make sure the air pressure has already been adjusted before reassembly.