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Product Detail
Product Name:

Double cylinder hydraulic hot melt kettle, pre heater

Model: EG-800/1000

1、Engine:16.5PS electric started boiling diesel of water-cooling
2、Hydraulic driving system:integrated multiplex hydraulic control valve,forward and reverse stir and stepless speed changing
3、Hydraulic motor:Model BM
4、Cubage of hydraulic gasoline box:70L
5、Tank Capacity:360kgx2, 500kgx2
6、Structure:Frame structure,insulation is fixed between internal bladder and ektexine
7、Heating system:petroleum dry gas(50kg per jar commended) and imported highly efficient four ring burner
8、Safety facility:Flooding facilility of overload is designed for it to prevent maloperation
9、Dimension and weight:1800x1500x1600mm, 1850*1700*1600mm
10、Net weight:700kgs,  850kgs

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