Road Marking Machine

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 The road marking machines is special-purpose equipment for traffic marking.It may be used for road axis,  lane line and airport to mark all sorts of mark lines that are reflective such as straight line, dotted  line, curve, oriented arrow, and letters.Road marking machine,manual cold-spraying linelazer,and automatic  hot melt marking machine with reasonable design, simple structure, flexible operation, easy use, and low  labor intensity. The rubber wheel is of unique formula, good quality, moderate hardness, good elasticity,  high temperature resistance, wearproof, aging resistance and exclusive use.
Road marking machine,manual cold-spraying linelazer,and automatic hot melt marking machine are mainly export  to Germany, Austria, Switzerland,and so on.Not only selling well in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives,but  also popular in Spain, Portugal, Andorra etc.

Hand-push Thermoplastic road marking machine

Hand push Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

EG-380 Hand-push Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

Automatic/Self propelled hot melt marking machine

 Pre-heater function integrated road marking machine

Vibration thermoplastic road marking machine

Pedestrian Lines Hot Melt Marking Machine

Single Cylinder Hydraulic Hot Melte Kettle

Double cylinder mechanical hot melt kettle

Double cylinder hydraulic hot melt kettle

 Cold spraying airless road marking machine

 Cold spraying airless road marking machine with double guns

Hand-push high-pressure cold spraying airless road marking machine

Hand-push high-pressure cold spraying airless road marking machine with double guns

Truck-mounted cold spraying  marking machine

Hand push cold spraying road marking machine

Thermoplastic road marking line remover

 Primer sprayer for road marking

High voltage road surface blower

EG-VB Hydraulic&Mechanical Vehicle Booster

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