Rubber Speed Hump

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Rubber speed hump can be installed on the surface of asphalt roads and concrete roads.To improve life span,  the road must be smooth. After drilling, clean Up the holes and remove the dust,oil and debris from the  holes. Using the special adhesive, put the bottom of the bump to the surface of the road.Specialized  designed, notable decelerate effect, without noise and uncomfortable feeling.When you run over these  products, there is no any noise and discomfort.
Rubber speed hump are mainly export to North Korea, South Korea, Japan,and so on.Not only selling well in  Spain, Portugal, Andorra,but also popular in ndia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc.

Rubber speed hump

Speed bump

Black and Yellow Rubber speed bump

Heavy duty rubber speed hump

Speed Humps

Rubber speed breaker

Rubber speed reducer

Road safety rubber speed hump

500mm rubber speed hump

Rubber speed hump 500*350*50mm

1000*350*45/50mm Rubber speed bump

600*500*32mm High quality rubber speed bump

500*500*50mm rubber speed bump

500*350*50mm rubber speed bump

Portable speed bump

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