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Product Detail
Product Name:

Hand-push Thermoplastic road marking machine

Model: EG-360

Hand-push Thermoplastic road marking machine

1.Paint barrels: stainless steel heater and double high-carbon steel bottom, vertical paddle mixer with 100kgs capacity.
2.glass bead storing box:10kg/box.
3.Glass beads sow browser: self gear shifting seeding. It can adjust glass beads sowing width according to line adjustment.
4.Marking shoes: High-precision ultra-thin material manufacturing and scraper-type structure, the standard configuration is 150mm.
5.Grounding knife:Carbide, with eccentric sleeve device can adjust the thickness from 1-3mm.
6.Alloy wheel: use special heat-resistant rubber, it has a positioning device upon back wheel to make sure a straight line direction.
7.Index line width:100/150/200/300/400/450mm change narking shoes of difference scales according to the project requirement.

8.Dimension and weight:1100*980*1000mm
9.Net weight:110kg

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